You have a trade business and need urgent money for buying stock?

Apply now for a loan for maximum 8 weeks, without interest

Request a personalized offer

Your request will be analysed and you will be contacted by our Loan Advisers in maximum 24 hours.

Oportun Loan for urgent needs allows you to

- ensure the necessary funds for working capital or other urgent payments.

Eligible customers: registered sole traders (PFA), individual companies (II), family owned companies (IF), limited liability companies (SRL), joint stock companies (SA), freelancers with minimum 6 months of activity with incomes 

Amount: between 5,000 - 15,000 RON

Reimbursement period: 4 or 8 weeks, reimbursement is made at the maturity of the loan

Interest and charges: the only cost is the commitment fee according to the reimbursement period, without interest


  • personal securities

Revenues accepted: revenues from activity

Useful information:

  • the loan may be accessed and run at the same time with the other types of loans

  • you benefit from assistance in preparing the file and throughout the credit process

  • fast analysis, the loan is approved in maximum 3 days after submitting all documents 

  • you know from the start all the costs

  • you do not have guarantee evaluation or insurance costs

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