Is the payment due date coming up and you don’t have the money?

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Bridge Loan for urgent needs allows you to

- ensure the necessary funds when applying for Structural Fund funding;
- pay of outstanding invoices, VAT;
- pay any other urgent payments.

Eligible customers: registered sole traders (PFA), individual companies (II), family owned companies (IF), limited liability companies (SRL), joint stock companies (SA), freelancers, agricultural producer and agricultural producer associations with minimum 6 months of activity

Amount: between 5,000 - 120,000 RON

Reimbursement period: maximum 3 months for covering urgent needs, reimbursement is made at the maturity of the loan

Interest and charges: the only cost is the commitment fee according to the reimbursement period, without interest


  • collateral (equipment, means of transport, machineries, etc.),

  • construction and/or land mortgages

  • personal securities

Loans up to 45,000 RON may be secured by personal guarantee and loans up to 100,000 RON may be secured by collateral (real estate securities not being mandatory)

Revenues accepted: revenues from activity (invoices, amounts from contracts, subsidies, asset sales, other incomes)

Useful information:

  • the loan may be accessed and run at the same time with the other types of loans

  • you benefit from assistance in preparing the file and throughout the credit process

  • fast analysis, the loan is approved in maximum 3 days after submitting all documents 

  • you know from the start all the costs

  • you do not have guarantee evaluation or insurance costs

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