Agriculture Loans for small farmers up to RON 240,000

  • You get the approval within 3 days after submitting the required documents

  • You pay installments correlated with the time of collection from the production sold

  • You get assistance and benefit of flexibility in preparing and analysing the file

Request a personalized offer for your business activity

Your request will be analysed and you will be contacted by our Loan Advisers in maximum 24 hours.

Loans for working capital

- sowing, fertilization, herbicide use;
- purchase of animals;
- financing of short-term expenditure (fuel, spare parts, lease, animal feed, etc.);

Investment loans

- purchase of equipment, new or second-hand equipment;
- the purchase of land, real estates, animal breeding or dairy
- construction of warehouses, stables;
- refinancing investments made during the last 12 months,
financed from own sources;
- refinancing current loans for the same purpose from other banks
or NBFIs;

Eligible customers: agricultural producers, registered sole traders (PFA), individual companies (II), family owned companies (IF), limited liability companies (SRL), agricultural producer associations with minimum 6 months of activity

Amount: between 5,000 - 120,000 RON for working capital and 10,000 - 240,000 RON for investments depending on the age of the business

Reimbursement period:

  •  between 3-24 months for working capital, the reimbursement plan being flexible (the loan and interest payment is made at maturity or upon collection from the production sold)

  •   between 3-42 months for investment credit, with the possibility of granting a grace period; payment can be made monthly and/or quarterly/semi-annually/yearly, with flexible payments adapted to activity, correlated with the time of collection from the production sold)

Interest and charges: fixed interest rate during the first 6 months, and a financing fee charged once, upon loan granting


  • collateral (equipment, means of transport, machineries, etc.)

  • construction and/or land mortgages

  • personal securities

  • the goods purchased with the loan can also be used to secure the loan

Loans up to 45,000 RON may be secured by personal guarantee and loans up to 100,000 RON may be secured by collateral (real estate securities not being mandatory)

Revenues accepted:

  • revenues from activity - sale of crop and agricultural products, livestock and livestock products,

  • revenues from executed works and services provided in agriculture,

  • revenues from various activities in this field

Useful information:

  • the two types of loans can be accessed and carried out at the same time

  • you benefit from assistance in preparing the file and throughout the credit process

  • fast analysis, the loan is approved in maximum 3 days after submitting all documents 

  • you know from the start all the costs

  • you do not have guarantee evaluation or insurance costs

Calculate the installment for the desired amount and reimbursement period:

The calculated installment is estimated.

A single financing fee is charged upon loan granting.

Find out the stories of other entrepreneurs

WhatsApp Image 2020-04-09 at 20.48.30 -

The beekeeping farm of Lung family from Brașov county started to develop in 2001. The production of honey was initially an activity learned from relatives, but in time it became a passion and a business with over 200 beehives.

The maximum production of honey is made during April-August, when Mr. Lung leaves in pastoral in the south of the country, choosing the places depending on the type of honey following to be produced: rapeseed, acacia, linden, forest, sunflower and polyphora honey. The produced honey is then bottled and sold in special labeled jars.

The bee production including honey, propolis, bee milk, pollen, honeycombs, sea buckthorn and cranberry syrups is sold wholesale or in fairs and markets in Brașov and Sibiu counties. Also Lung family started a collaboration with a honey processor from Făgăraș thus selling the honey production also in Germany.

During this period Mr. Lung is personally delivering its products to loyal customers from Brașov county.

The collaboration with OMRO started in 2008 and the accessed loans have been used for various expenses and investments in the activity, including the purchase of a utily van for hives’ transport.

”There was always a mutual trust with the Loan Adviser this leading to a long term collaboration with OMRO. Both the interest rate and the guarantee level I consider to be acceptable. We received the loans very fast each time and without facing difficulties.”

Daniel Lung, Beekeeper

Marinkas family lives in a village in Bihor county, about 25 km from Oradea. Since 2005 they have been carrying out various agricultural activities: raising cattle, land cultivation, agricultural services and trade of processed agricultural products.

The family owns 25 cows and 150 sheep, works about 25 ha of land and owns a store with bio products.

The milk is sold in different forms (milk, cheese, cream). Around Easter they also sell lambs and the incomes are used for purchasing inputs for cultivating the land. The whole food for the animals is provided from the worked land where they cultivate corn, barley, wheat and alfalfa.

The store with bio products has been recently opened and is managed by Mrs. Marinkas. It sells mainly vegetables and dairy products from their own production.

The collaboration with OMRO started in 2011 and the accessed loans have been used for developing the activity, for various constructions and purchase of machinery.

”We are very pleased with the collaboration we have with OMRO, it is a reliable institution to collaborate with. We were always served very fast, we received clear information and explanations regarding the loan products. We especially appreciate the collaboration we have with our Loan Advisor.”

Simona Marinkas, Eldy's Bio

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