About us

OMRO is a micro-credit Company that aims:
- to be a trusted partner for Romanian rural and urban entrepreneurs who do not have access to commercial bank services
- to bring added value to the businesses it finances
- to provide quality financial services
- to contribute to creating new jobs, improving disadvantaged environments
- to support equal opportunities and to fight off discrimination
- to encourage customers to transform their lives, the future of their children and the communities they are part of

Our mission and values define our strategy and processes, inspire the agency staff in the relationship with the customers, and guide us in the day-to-day activity and relationships with collaborators.


Our vision is to contribute to a society in which all people have the opportunity to build a fulfilling life with dignity and purpose.


By providing financial solutions, we empower and sustain underserved and financially excluded people in rural and urban areas of Romania and us such to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


We support the establishment and development of businesses to create jobs, helping to strengthen economically disadvantaged communities from the economic point of view. 

The businesses of our customers are the basis of our business. We work every day to develop a quality portfolio, to improve our services and products in order to have a social impact and to bring added value to the businesses we finance.

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