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Which is the maximum amount I can obtain?

The amount of credit is important to be correlated with the size of the business and the current and future reimbursement capability.

The amounts granted range from 5,000 lei to 200,000 RON/client, the maximum amount of the loan being 120,000 RON.

How long is the loan period?

The shorter the lending period, the more advantageous the credit. The maximum period is 48 months for investment loans and 24 months for loans intended for working capital.
It is not mandatory for the interest rates to be equal, they can be flexible in cases where business-generated collections have significant fluctuations or a seasonal feature.

Should the loan be guaranteed? How can I guarantee the loan?

Loans must be guaranteed. Depending on the amount and term of the loan, the guarantees may be collateral (cars, machinery and equipment) or real estate (houses, commercial/industrial premises, land registered in the landbook).
Valuation of guarantees does not bring additional cost to the loan.

What is the interest rate? Is it a fixed interest rate?

The interest rate is variable, depending on the ROBOR benchmark at 6 months, but also on the type of collateral. Moreover, in the case of a very good repayment history, the interest rate may be lowered by reducing the Bank’s margin. For short-term loans up to 3 months, we offer interest-free loans, just with a financing fee.

What papers do I need?

We require a minimum set of documents that show the authorized performance of the business and ownership of the goods submitted as guarantee and, depending on the specificity of each entity (limited liability companies (SRL), registered sole traders (PFA), individual companies (II) agricultural producers, etc.), financial and fiscal documents that can be made available.

Can I pay off the loan early ?

The loan may be partially or fully repaid in advance, from any source, with the payment of interest only for the period for which the loan is used, based on an application.

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