Short history


The Nonprofit Organization - Izvor Foundation comes into existence, one of the first micro-credit financial institutions in Romania, having as a mission to support small entrepreneurs in developing a business and to create new jobs.


S.C. Opportunity Microcredit Romania is brought into existence by Opportunity International (OTI) and Izvor Foundation.


Opportunity Microcredit Romania becomes a joint stock Company S.A. and Non-banking Financial Institution (NBFI) regulated by the National Bank of Romania (NBR).


Following an infusion of new capital into the Company and the takeover of shares held by its previous shareholders, starting with December 2017, the Company has had a new shareholder, dedicated to supporting and developing this micro-credit platform: SC Danube Capital SRL.


On 21 August 2018 Opportunity Microcredit Romania IFN S.A. has changed its name to OMRO IFN S.A., all other identifying elements remaining unchanged. This name change, as well as the Company's rebranding process, are in line with the fulfillment of a long-term development strategy.

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