Our solutions

By choosing OMRO you benefit from:

  • assistance in the process of preparing the loan file and during the loan process;

  • products that are affordable and adapted to your needs, developed to bring added value to the business you manage;

  • rapidity and flexibility in processing activity analysis files (maximum 3 days after filing the documents);

  • a refund schedule adapted to your earnings;

  • transparency and secure loans;

  • RON loans in order to be protected against the currency fluctuation risk or other additional risks.

Business loans

There is always a need for viable and affordable funds to take advantage of new opportunities, for business sustainability, for the consistent fight with everyday challenges and for a permanent progress.
OMRO offers you funding for working capital and investment to support and develop your business.

Agriculture loans

We consider that agriculture is an important segment of the economy. We want to support the agro sector, to help you respond promptly to challenges, and to help you take advantage of opportunities and also invest in modern solutions. OMRO offers you credits to secure your indispensable rolling capital and to invest in the development of your agricultural business.

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